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O.K. the secret is out; I have written some music for the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies. I have also conducted most of my own contributions with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, as well as some music by other composers. Although I am not allowed to give any advance detail, most of my music has been of the fanfare/festive variety. I am still not entirely sure what of mine will be used, although a few things have been confirmed at specific points, particularly my arrangement of the National Anthem, Advance Australia Fair. The ceremonies people think this will be a highlight - I hope they are right!

Although I doubt if I will appear in a TV close-up, I will be one of the conductors in the opening ceremony. This means two long dress-rehearsals at the stadium and an even longer performance day. I imagine we will be transported to the venue early on the 15th to make sure we arrive in time.

Dwight Satterwhite and his players from the University Of Georgia are breaking in my new symphony with rehearsals begun at the end of August. It's a tough piece, but I am very pleased with it. I have asked Dwight to send me a tape of a rehearsal so I can more easily help with any teething problems.