David Stanhope Compositions
Promenade (Stanhope Music)
Tribute to Tchaikovsky (Stanhope Music)
Droylsden Wakes (Stanhope Music)
E.G.B.D.S. (Stanhope Music)
Olympic Fireworks (Stanhope Music)
Games 2000 Fanfares 1, 2, 3 (Stanhope Music)
Olympic Fanfare (Stanhope Music)
Fireworks Sydney 2001 (Stanhope Music)
Two Folk-Elegies (Stanhope Music)
Grand Fanfare (Stanhope Music)

Dracula - 3 act opera, 8 voices
Chamber version - 10 players
Full Orchestral version

(Stanhope Music)
Wind Band
Promenade (Southern Music Company)
Australian Fantasia (Southern Music Company)
Songs Without Words (Southern Music Company)
Southern Cross Fanfare (Southern Music Company)
Symphony No. 1 (Southern Music Company)
Olympic Fireworks (Southern Music Company)
Folksong Suite No 1 (Southern Music Company)
Folksong Suite No 2 (Southern Music Company)
Folksong Suite No 3 (Southern Music Company)
Concerto for Band (Southern Music Company)
The Little Ripper March (Southern Music Company)
Droylsden Wakes (Southern Music Company)
The Demon (fanfare) (Southern Music Company)
The Bold Benjamin (with male chorus) (Southern Music Company)
E.G.B.D.S. (Southern Music Company)
Retreat and Pumping Song (Southern Music Company)
Grand Fanfare (Southern Music Company)
Endpiece (Southern Music Company)
Brass Band
A Leadsman, A Lady And A Lord (Novello)
The Little Ripper March (Stanhope Music)
Droylsden Wakes (Stanhope Music)
String Orchestra
String Songs (Stanhope Music)
Chamber works for Brass
Olympic Fireworks (Brass and Percussion) (Southern Music Company)
Endpiece Brass Decet (Stanhope Music)
4 Concert-studies Trombone Quartet (Stanhope Music)
Hornplayers' Retreat and Pumping Song Horn Octet (Hornists' Nest)
Cortettes Horn Quartet (Hornists' Nest)
The Australian Fanfare 9 Trumpets (Southern Music Company)
Three Folksongs for Quintet Brass Quintet (Southern Music Company)
Day In The Life Of Jim Dempsey Brass Quintet (Southern Music Company)
Ceremonial Fanfares Brass Quintet (Southern Music Company)
Felix Randal Voice and Piano (Stanhope Music)
Jolly, Geordie, Jane Voice and Piano (Stanhope Music)
In Brisbane Voice and Piano (Stanhope Music)
Other chamber works
Three Folksongs for Pianola
Piano transcriptions
Scherzo Prestissimo (Borodin) (Stanhope Music)
The Tryst (Sibelius) (Stanhope Music)
March Of The Toys (Herbert) (Stanhope Music)
The Little Ripper March (Stanhope) (Stanhope Music)