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This is the first newsletter of my newborn website!

I intend to update this section at the beginning of every month, not only to bring particular news about the following thirty-odd days, but also to supply information about future projects and any other items of interest.

After a fairly busy year, the performing season is easing off; just one concert this month - Stravinsky's "The Soldier's Tale" with Sydney Alpha Ensemble, 8.30 on the 5th at the Studio of the Sydney Opera House.

There are a couple of new CDs coming out: a special Christmas CD with Yvonne Kenny and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (already released, I believe), and a solo piano CD "David Stanhope Plays". The latter has had some production problems but should be available very soon. Only one new composition this year, the "Grand Fanfare", but it exists in two versions, orchestra or wind band. Long for a fanfare - 5 to 6 minutes, and with some options for using extra trumpets in either stereo or quadraphonic fashion. The maximum extra number is 16, with four trumpets in each of the corners of the hall. This produces antiphonal effects, front to back, side to side and diagonally, particularly in the last section of the piece.

Another work, the folk-elegy "Endpiece" was reworked from the original orchestral version (which was never performed in public) to a new one for wind band. I recommend it as something a bit different from my other folk-settings, yet still one of my best! I have two new major works planned for wind band next year - more later.

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