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I have just returned from a few days in Adelaide, conducting the first sessions for a CD recording with Peter Whish-Wilson (tuba) and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. We have recorded the Vaughan-Williams and Michael Kenny tuba concertos so far. The remaining sessions are in June and the recording is for ABC Classics.

The new festival fanfare for wind band referred to in the last newsletter has been renamed "Southern Cross", with the agreement of all relevant parties. As well as standing by itself, it will probably also become a movement of an Australian suite I am planning. We feel this is a better title because an evocative Australian name will sell better. Happily the fanfare is largely based on a strong four-note theme, which can stand for the four points of the cross. First rehearsal is on May 7th. Happy also is a coincidence with the name…..

The publisher change-over is proceeding smoothly. And the new publisher is the SOUTHERN MUSIC COMPANY, which is based in San Antonio, Texas. This is a wonderful development for me as Southern Music is one of the biggest sheet music companies in the world, and its publishing arm specialises in wind band music. On my recent USA trip I greatly enjoyed meeting the director of publications, Mark Rogers, and was very favourably impressed with the quality of his work. I also was able to spend some time with the president of the company, Arthur Gurwitz, and met several of the staff. Everybody was very friendly, and I think the future association will be excellent. They are keen for me to attend the Midwest publishers' convention in Chicago next December where I will be presented as a new major composer with Southern Music. The existing H.L.Music publications will be reprinted by Southern Music when required.

Rehearsals for Peter Grimes start this month for Opera Australia's Sydney winter programme. It will be the fourth season I conduct of this opera.