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Apologies for no February newsletter, but there was not much of that month left by the time I returned from the U.S.A. My tour was most enjoyable although at times hard work! It was especially rewarding to meet, hear and work with many fine young musicians. Good also to see and talk with band director friends Dwight Satterwhite, James Keene and Dale Lonis, and meet several new ones - in particular Cody Birdwell, Susan Creasap and Dennis Johnson. My grateful thanks to the forenamed six hosts for their hospitality!

In all five centres (see January newsletter) I gave talks and masterclasses to conducting, composition and opera students, and conducted rehearsals of works of mine. There were concerts in Georgia, Illinois and Kentucky. I conducted the Honor Band at the High School January Music Festival at the University Of Georgia. The programme consisted of Mark Rogers' arrangement of Smetana's The Moldau, Jupiter from Holst's The Planets, and my own Folksongs For Band Suite No.1, Olympic Fireworks and Little Ripper March. There were two concerts in two days at the University Of Illinois where I shared the podium with conductors Peter Griffin, Kenneth R. Steinsultz, Thomas E. Caneva and James F. Keene. Thus working with four different ensembles I was able to perform all three of my Folksong Suites as well as Olympic Fireworks and Little Ripper March. My final concert was with the 2001 Kentucky Intercollegiate Band in Louisville. The programme consisted of Holst's Second Suite in F, my E.G.B.D.S and, once again, Olympic Fireworks and Little Ripper March. It was particularly pleasing to me that several players said how much they enjoyed playing E.G.B.D.S., tough piece that it is. It was also the first time I had conducted it. All the concerts were a thrilling experience for me, and I thank those involved for giving me the opportunity to conduct such fine ensembles.

This month I have a film score by Sydney composer Alan Johns to conduct and record, and then my second CD of works by Elena Kats-Chernin. The latter will be with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Then on the 31st I return to Georgia for about ten days to attend rehearsals of my new Symphony No. 1 with Dwight Satterwhite and the University of Georgia Wind Symphony.