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Another month mostly devoted to writing, with the symphony progressing well. The first movement is virtually finished, with the bones of the other two movements in place. I hope I will be able to conduct it on my 2001 USA tour. So far it seems certain that I will visit the University Of Georgia, the University of Kentucky, the University of Illinois and Texas Technical College in Lubbock. There are other places which it may be possible to include. A new work which I think will become one of my most popular is "Fireworks", a five minute showpiece in both orchestral and concert band versions. I will probably perform it wherever I visit in the USA; it contains spectacular parts for all the brass with plenty of sparkling sixteenth-notes for the wind. I have tried to mirror the cascading effects of a firework display in a spirit of overall celebration. The coda is one of my best! I am adding another recently released CD to the list - "Crossing a Bridge of Dreams", music by Anne Boyd, Tall Poppies. I conduct the opening tracks with the Tall Poppies Ensemble.