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Milestone news this month in that my publisher, Russell Hammond (H.L.Music), has negotiated a deal with a leading American publisher and distributor. This should result in the new publisher taking over all my wind band music, and possibly more than that. Russell feels that my music needs a bigger entrepreneur, and especially one based in the United States. There are plenty of details yet to be worked out, and I am hoping to make a detour on my way home so I can visit my new colleagues after working with Dwight Satterwhite in Georgia this month. More will be revealed in the next newsletter!

Of course I will continue to keep close ties with Russell and his wife Yvonne, and take this opportunity to thank them for the enormous support and friendship they have given me over many years. Russell had faith in my music when it was only available in crude photocopies, and I would not be in the position I am today without his creation of H.L.Music, which made Stanhope music available to a wider field.

The film score last month was successfully recorded; the title of the film is "The Bank", a thriller intended for international release.

I have just completed a new fanfare commissioned by the Waverley Bondi Beach Band for the fortieth festival of Sydney Schools' Symphonic Wind Ensembles. It is based on a much shorter fanfare I wrote for the Olympics. I think we have agreed to call it "Fortieth Festival Fanfare", or FFF for short. It will certainly be pretty loud!