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 The Sydney Harbour fireworks at the change of year appear to be considered a success. My music ("Sydney Fireworks 2001") was broadcast on Sydney radio station 2UE and Channel 9 television. Having conducted a Viennese concert just before midnight on the northern forecourt of the Sydney Opera House for the Lord Mayor's party, I also heard the music at the venue along with the million or so other watchers. The display often fitted well with the music, especially the bridge sequences. I was pleasantly surprised to hear later that the television presentation had been free of commentary.

My USA tour is as follows:

University of Georgia, Athens 14-21 Jan.
Texas Technical College, Lubbock 22-27 Jan.
University of Illinois, Champaign 28 Jan -5 Feb.
University of Kentucky, Louisville 6-9 Feb.
University of Missouri, St. Louis 10-14 Feb.

There are two significant concerts I will conduct in Georgia and Kentucky. Works of mine I will present include Olympic Fireworks, Folksong Suite No. 1, E.G.B.D.S. and Little Ripper March. There are also works by Holst and Smetana in the programmes.

Savage cuts to the music budget of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have contributed to a depressing end to the millennium. Such cuts will have an effect on my own occasional work for the ABC. When the insulting curtailment of my regular work with Opera Australia is added, my future as a conductor in Australia seems rather bleak. I shall certainly be exploring other options.