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Newsletter April 2000

I am busy writing various bits and pieces this month, some of which I am unable to discuss at all because of an oath of confidentiality! Even employers of mere composers can be concerned about ambush marketing.

But there are some wind band commissions shaping up; one work will be for saxophone quartet and band, a concertino-type piece in three movements, which I think I will call "Songs Without Words". Another is a symphony for wind band. So two major works there. Also a shorter popular ceremonial piece for wind band. I hope I will be able to perform at least one, if not all, of these new pieces on my six- week tour in the United States early next year.

I have had an offer to conduct an opera during Opera Australia's winter season in 2001. Also an invitation to conduct the Finals Concert of the Australian Singing Competition in Perth next October.

My daughter Isabella is 2 on the 4th of April. She has not shown any special interest in music so far, apart from trying to sing various nursery rhymes. If one day she wishes to learn an instrument, fine - but I shall not be happy if her choice is 1) percussion 2) harp or 3) anything with amplification.......