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The ABC Classics recording/arranging project was successfully completed with three days of recording all the piano pieces. A few days beforehand I took part in an introductory concert for several new ABC Classics CDs. I think this was the first time I had performed piano solos in public in about twenty years!

The end of last month saw me in Adelaide, finishing a CD of romantic repertoire with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. I was pleased that we were able to include a suggestion of mine - the 7th scene from Job by Vaughan-Williams.

Following that, we spent three days recording twelve pieces by Grainger for another CD, the first time I have beeen able to record any Grainger as conductor, apart from a single item on the "Tranquillity" CD. In order of recording, the pieces were: Colonial Song, Mock Morris, The Power of Love, The Nightingale and the Two Sisters, Harvest Hymn, The Immovable Do, Early One Morning, The Duke of Marlborough's Fanfare, Blithe Bells, Irish Tune from County Derry, Dreamery, and My Robin Is To the Greenwood Gone. We need a few more chamber pieces like Walking Tune (wind quintet) and a couple of piano pieces (played by me) to make up what should be a very fine CD.

This month I have to help with various editing of earlier CDs, including the piano one mentioned above, which is on this Xmas release list.