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Isabella has successfully started school at Lindfield Primary, which is just up the road from us. She seems to be enjoying it. Coincidentally, I have just finished a little commission for the same school which has FOUR bands (just in primary!). Working title is "Fanfare and Children's March", and it lasts about four minutes. I expect it will get a grade 2 & 1/2 difficulty rating.

The Adelaide video project was interesting if exhausting. We made two pilot programmes. The first is a kind of "you're the conductor" game where the gameplayer will try and "conduct" Grainger's "Shepherd's Hey"; the other more serious programme is aimed at budding conductors or cellists. A cellist will be able to "sit" in the cello section and play along with the slow movement of Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony, at various levels of difficulty. I think I had to give a full-blooded performance of the movement six times on the day, the last being filmed from the cellist's point of view.

The Brisbane viola project was completed satisfactorily.

Carmen Lawrence for PM!