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ABC Classics has released three new CDs in which I feature. The most important is "Song Of The Angel", which is devoted to various works for various ensembles, but all with a prominent soprano solo (Jane Sheldon). In the other two CDs, "Glorious Night", a Xmas compilation, and "The Nightingale", only one or two tracks involve me. These will probably reappear on more substantial CDs (as far as I personally am concerned), so I have not listed them on the CD page.

This month is another quiet one for conducting, so I am continuing with work on Nostradamus and my Australian Fantasia suite for orchestra. The last movement of the suite is my arrangement of Advance Australia Fair. Apparently this caused quite a stir at the recent performance I conducted with the SSO at the new ABC television studio opening. I expect ABC Classics will record it this year for some sort of general use.