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We have successfully endured two months of house renovations, but Emma and the girls moved out today. (Well, just until the new stairs are usable.) When complete, my work area/studio will make composition surroundings much easier in the future.

Later this month I will be in Perth for the première of Nostradamus, the musical by Ziggy De Voight that I have orchestrated. I will be conducting the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, soloists and the West Australian Opera Chorus. It is more of an opera than a musical in my view, written in a very romantic style. The day after that I have a "pops" concert to conduct with the W.A.S.O. in Kalgoorlie.

I am now using the computer music program Finale for music engraving, and have progressed far enough to be discovering several things in it that could or should be improved - I am keeping a "sticky" note on the screen in a very small font with a list. And that list is getting longer and longer! No doubt that it is a far more sophisticated a program than Mosaic; but while I do not miss the many irritating problems in the latter, I do miss the few things that were better or slicker than Finale. Using Finale means I can send files by email to Southern Music. For that reason Sibelius was not an alternative. I expect that program has its problems too.