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I have just completed another ABC Classics disc with the young Sydney singer, Jane Sheldon. The sessions were all at the Goossens studio in the ABC complex at Ultimo, and the content might be described as a variety of spiritual and fairly trendy repertoire, from voice and piano to solo voices, chorus and small orchestra.

A commission for Ballarat Grammar School and its music director, Andrew Dale, has just been delivered. The work is a short piece for wind band called "Promenade", and it is one of my "popular" tuneful compositions. After hearing Hanssen's charming "Valdres" for the first time last year, I was inspired to attempt a similar kind of work, with strong melodic content. I think my piece has turned out well, and should appeal to a wide variety of ensembles.

An amusing and mystifying situation with this website has developed. I have been told that a certain school internet vetting system in California has blocked the site! Something about the content has been deemed unsuitable for impressionable young Americans. Unless this vetting system is automatically triggered by photographs of minors, I am at a loss to understand why. Any suggestions? One of the CD titles, perhaps?? "Little Ripper"??? No doubt a new FBI file has just been openedů..