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On December the 2nd I will be taking part in afederation celebration day in Launceston, Tasmania. My role is to conduct the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in an accompaniment to a silent Australian film, "Kid Stakes". We have had the rehearsals already, a day that was not helped by having the wrong version of the film in video, which was twenty minutes longer than the score. Fortunately a right copy turned up after lunch. Now let us hope the right projector version is there this Sunday….

Writing includes some routine computer work producing supplementary parts for various band works of mine. E flat horns, trombones and tubas in treble clef etc. All in the interests of greater sales! I have also taken on a large project of orchestration for another composer. As it is not my original work I should not say any more about it at this stage, but I hope it is a huge success in the future.

I have been roped into the Opera House forecourt New Year festivities again as conductor of the obligatory Viennese concert just before midnight. Best wishes to all my friends and colleagues for the festive season!