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News July 2019

The Dracula launch went extremely well on the 24th of June, with about fifty people turning up. All very enthusiastic about the work and the quality of the recording.

The next CD - Australian Premières 2 - is ready for production, with the booklet under preparation. This CD includes live performers and my digital orchestra.


My PhD supervisor, Charles Bodman Rae, is keen for me to apply for a research grant in November, so we need to construct an impressive project to have any chance.
















David Stanhope is a free-lance conductor with wide experience in orchestral, opera, chamber and film music. He is a composer, especially for wind band, with many publications. As an instrumentalist, David Stanhope was a french horn player for many years before switching to bass trombone; he is also a virtuoso pianist.

David Stanhope may be contacted at the following email address:
dstanhope AT bigpond DOT com

Just replace the AT with @, and the DOT with .

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The Elder Conservatorium Wind Ensemble


Tall Poppies

for excerpts from the 'Little Ripper!' CD